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Experience the taste of Traditional Thai Food in Langford. Hidden away a few blocks from the main cafe strip, Bua Siam provides a truely delightful dining experience. Judging by its cosy interior Bua Siam offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere which is part of this hidden gem. Bua Siam Restaurant has already built up a sound reputation for the quality of the food, the hospitable, friendly and courteous staff and the ambience which adds to the charm and graciousness of the dining at this family owned restaurant.

Function & Wedding In Bua Siam we accept a function event with a full premium service and tasted foods. The function include:


1. Full Restaurant Booking with Premium class service(BYO Alcohol).


2. For food available in Banquet menu and Order each individual menu. more detail call us!

Quality of food We care about a quality of food in every orders we take. We make a frash Entree and prepare a frash vegetable and meats everyday. And we guarantee our food to make the taste and quality close to traditional as much as possible.